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With sales down and investors fearful, the easiest and best way to give them a return on their investment is to buy as low as you can, hold and sell when the market comes out of the trough. There is no time like the present to buy. This is the system to buy with.

Deserving Families offers a turnkey opportunity to invest in the United States foreclosure market with little money in and a history of good returns. This is a hands-off opportunity which asks for little from the investor.

The system is simple:

  1. REO houses are purchased.
  2. They are rehabbed.
  3. They are sold to investors-sometimes with occupants in them.
  4. Investors get passive income, and purchase homes well below market value.

While investors can do with the houses what they want, we recommend two routes, rental and Section 8 rental. Since the properties are managed, both options are low impact to the investors.

Some areas to consider with Section 8 homes:

  • the demand far outweighs the supply
  • secured monthly rental income since the rent is Government backed
  • typically slightly higher rental income
  • protection of rental income since occupants have vested interest in program
  • tenants defaulting in ANY WAY means expulsion from the Section 8 program

 The following points should be considered when selling or purchasing this opportunity:

  1. The opportunity is turnkey. Each step will be taken care of by the management company.
  2. By purchasing homes and rehabbing them to Section 8 status, the rental income is backed by the government.
  3. Purchasing these properties helps everybody involved-you, the families placed and even the neighborhoods these homes are in-by being occupied they don’t fall into disrepair.
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